Meet the face
behind the posts

You may know me as The Calf Girl, but my real name is Alice Hodges, nice to meet you! I'm a 20-something, passionate and determined young farmer originally from Cheshire, in the Northwest of England, but currently living and farming in Kildare, Ireland. The nickname, "The Calf Girl", came about due to my passion for calf rearing and always volunteering to be the one to feed and care for calves on farm. 

I'm currently working as a contract calf rearer and relief milker. I have great ambitions of one day soon running my own dairy farm, and so I decided to create this blog to document my journey along the way!

Life before The Calf Girl..

I'm the daughter of a school receptionist and a computer software engineer so a career in farming wasn't really something anyone saw coming, yet for me it has always been the only thing I've wanted to do (except for when I was about 5 years old and me and my sister decided we were going to be bin men). 

I grew up with a dairy farm for a next-door neighbour, but my first job was not in the milking parlour, but in the nursery, as a baby sitter. I spent many an hour with the whole family and spoke at length about  

what I wanted to do after my GCSE's. Soon enough the idea that I should try my hand at milking, to see if I enjoyed it. And well as they say, the rest is history! 

From the moment I stepped foot in the cow shed I felt completely content and comfortable around the livestock. A pair of wellies feel more comfortable on my feet then any heels could ever. A pair of waterproofs give me the confidence I rarely find in even my fanciest of dresses. 


Too often we think to be farmer you must be born into it, to come from a long line of farmers, to have it in your blood. My journey proves that this doesn't have to be the case. A passion, a drive, and ambition are more than enough to make you worthy to pursue a career in agriculture.